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Gorgeous Summer Hair
Thursday, July 14, 2016

Hopefully your summer is full of fun in the sun, relaxing at the beach, and sipping cold drinks poolside. But even if it’s more about long, productive workdays with a quick getaway to a coastal local, you can embrace the summer vibe every morning with breezy, sunny hairstyles. Here are a few to try, no matter where your day takes you.

Sweet and Easy Fishtail Braid

Don’t have time to wash your hair this morning but want to look super cute anyway (who doesn’t?)? Give this adorable hairstyle a whirl. It works best when your hair isn’t freshly washed (and slippery) anyway, so it’s the perfect choice when you’re short on time.


A Summer Pixie

Does the humidity do a number on your darling pixie cut? Use a little dab of styling wax or paste, warmed in your hands, to twist and mold small sections of your do. Then bring on a cool blast from your hairdryer and you’re all beachy!


Not-Too-Serious Side Pony

Pull your wavy hair into a tamed pony, but keep it fun by letting it sit to the side, showing off your lovely curls. Make your part low and on the side of the ear opposite where your pony will be. You’ll look polished and summery all at once.


Keep the Curls Soft and Easy

Don’t bother trying to breathe life into a headful of limp, day-old strands, instead, focus on the ends. Wrap just the bottom few inches of your hair around hot rollers or a small barrel curling iron-no bigger than one-inch and while your hair is still hot, mist with a lightweight hairspray.


The Relaxed, Twisted Bun

Even if your day isn’t as relaxed as you’d like it to be, your hair can’t be on vacation-mod for you. To get this lovely, relaxed look, roll back the strands along your hairline on either side of your head, adding more hair as your work your way backwards, just like you do with a French braid. (Tuck in a few pins if you find the twists are heavy and tipping forwards.) Wrap the two twists into an untidy bun and secure with pins and elastic. This style isn't meant to look prim, so embrace asymmetries or imperfections.


If you need a little more than a pretty bun to embrace summer, set up an appointment for a cut and color. We’re here to help you achieve perfectly beautiful summer hair all season long.  

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