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Tips for Men’s Skin Care
Monday, October 13, 2014

With the cooler, dryer weather settling in, taking care of your skin is important now more than ever. Since we’ve been focusing on women’s products for the past few months, October will be dedicated to men’s skin care. Hey, guys need to cleanse their skin too! Keeping skin healthy and oil free, but not dried out, should be a part of anyone’s daily routine — both men and women. See what products we love for men.

One of the best ways to begin the day is to wash your face every morning. And washing your face should be done every night too, getting rid of that gunk and grime you encounter throughout the day. There are a variety of skin types out there, and each of those types of skin requires different care. Don’t worry; we have a cleanser that can work on your skin type. The Aveda Botanical Kinetics™ Purifying Gel Cleanser gets rid of impurities with a gentle foam to use on normal or oily skin. If you happen to have dry skin, try the Botanical Kinetics™ Purifying Crème Cleanser. Both cleansers are enriched with natural ingredients from plants to ensure the dirt and oils are removed from your skin in a healthy way.

Getting a good night’s sleep is essential to starting the day off on the right foot. But sometimes, stress and other factors get in the way of sleeping, which leaves your skin not at its best in the morning. That’s why there’s the Aveda Green Science™ Firming Eye Crème. This crème is specifically created to smooth fine lines on the face and to help reduce those dark circles and puffy skin that can appear under eyes in a stressful situation. A myriad of plant-based ingredients not only moisturize your skin, they also act to minimize the appearance of puffy skin and wrinkles. For best results, use this crème in both the morning and right before going to sleep. It’s even safe to use on eyelids.

If you’re looking for a way to soothe yourself throughout the day, then look no further than the Aveda Men Pure-Performance™ Aroma Spray. Though this spray isn’t exactly used for skin care, it is still beneficial to a daily routine. Infused with kunzea, citrus and certified organic essential oils of spearmint, vetiver and lavender, this aroma spray has a spicy scent about it. The ingredient of plai oil is known for its soothing and calming properties, which can help de-stress you throughout a busy day. The spicy and rich scent of the aroma spray lasts for hours, meaning you’ll only have to re-spray a minimal amount in one day.

The cold may affect your wardrobe and the foliage outside, but you shouldn’t let it prevent yourself from giving your skin the proper care you need. For the man who needs natural skin care products that work, these Aveda products are the ones to use to take care of your skin — and maybe pamper yourself a bit too.

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